Wake Up To Gorgeous Hair

Wake Up To Gorgeous Hair

Wake Up To Gorgeous Hair

                                                  Wake Up To Gorgeous Hair

Wake Up To Gorgeous Hair

Do you dream of beautiful hair? Make it a reality with these tips and tricks which ensure you wake up each day to amazing, glossy, frizz free hair.


Cotton or polyester can majorly damage your hair as you sleep by causing tangles, frizz and breakage. Sort this problem once and for all, by investing in some good quality sating pillow cases. This can drastically improve hair health and has the added advantage of making you feel like a prince/princess as well. ?


Bed time is a time to relax, unwind and put away the gadgets. Wind down your stressful day with a deep scalp massage to get the blood flowing to your follicles. Add a few drops of Kesavardhini plus hair oil and enjoy a blissful massage just before you drift off and wake up to touchably soft, delectable hair.


Washing your hair just before bed and crashing in bed is a big NO-NO! Hair is the most delicate and fragile when it’s wet, and can be hugely damaged by this. Wait at least an hour so your hair has fully dried before going to sleep to ensure you wake up to goddess-like gorgeous hair rather than a bird’s mess.


Oil is the godsend when it comes to rescuing your hair any day. Dab a good amount of Kesavardhini plus hair to the tips of your hair, which tend to dry out, and enjoy the moisturizing benefits all night long. Oil also has shine enhancing properties and can make your hair glisten in the sun with a unique healthy shine.


Are you getting just 5 hours of sleep each night? Skip those last couple hours of social media scrolling and hit the hay early instead. A long night of 8 hours deep sleep not just makes your hair healthy and gives it a chance to rejuvenate, but also makes your skin glow. Take those few extra minutes to sleep, your hair will thank you.


Another way to lock in the moisture and soak up good hair health is by applying liberal oil, such as Kesavardhini plus hair oil and tie it up before going to bed. The next morning, rinse your hair thoroughly to get all the oil out, and Voila! Enjoy sleek, soft hair all day long!

Follow these tips and you’re sure to see a drastic change in your hair texture and appearance. Bid adieu to your bedhead blues with Kesavardhini plus hair oil for stunning morning hair.

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