Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

                                                 Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Every one of us is beauty conscious in one way or the other. We take extra effort to make ourselves to look beautiful. Many a times we seek professional advice. Sometimes we follow the time tested path of home remedies to stay beautiful. Whether it is applying the makeup or removing it, we spend our precious time. But when it comes to our taking care of our hair how often do we spend our time?

Here Are a Few Simple Ways To Protect Your Hair

1. Avoid sleeping with your hair tied up

Tying high knot or a messy bun while you sleep is not good for your hair. It strains your hair, knots them and damages it too. Instead, up dog with a loose three-strand braid or fishtail braid. This helps to save breakages and helps in styling easily.

2. Dry your hair before sleeping.

There are time-saving advantages if you wash your at night. But, before going to bed it is really important to dry your hair or invest in a good hair dryer to avoid frizz. If you are using a hair dryer, don’t forget to apply a hair primer or heat protectant to avoid heat damages.

3. Change to silk pillowcase

Comparing to cotton, silk is a gentler fabric. Investing in a silk pillowcase would go a world of good to your hair. Silk prevents your ends from excessive damage and pulling and also turning overnight.

4.Wrap your hair with satin scarf

Wrapping your hair with silk scarf gives a chic look. But there is one more advantage as well. It helps to protect your ends and maintain style. Wearing a silky bonnet or turban will help to maintain curls and braids.

5.Overnight night treatment, works well!

For all the hair lovers, masking your hair every week and maintain this routine helps to take care of your hair. An overnight treatment deeply nourishes your hair and hydrates it too. There are many DIY treatments to your hair types, choose a right one and get ready to flaunt your hair!

6.Wear a fabric scrunchie

Flaunting accessories to your hair, gives a super cute look. Instead of using hair elastics or plastics, use hair scrunchies. Fabrics do not harm your hair. Ingact they hold your hair securely and does not pull hair strands while removing

7.Brush your hair before going to bed

Combing your hair often in a day promotes shine and length. Using a paddle brush before going to bed will ensure a tangle-free hair. Using a paddle brush evenly distributes natural oils from scalp through your hair.

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