Aloe Vera Amla Hair Oil (2 pcs*100ml= 200ml)
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Aloe Vera Amla Hair Oil (2 pcs*100ml= 200ml)

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Reviving the ancient haircare formula, Kesavardhini Aloe Vera Amla Premium Hair Oil uses Amla (Indian gooseberry) and Aloe Vera extracts both ingredients have been traditonally used in Indian hair care over centuries.

Amla, ripe with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidant it, and prevents dandruff, thinning and greying.

Aloe vera is known to offer intense hydration moisturizes, conditions dull hair making it soft, shiny and lustrous.

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  • Intense hydration for dry, lifeless hair
  • Provides relief from dry and itchy scalp
  • Controls dandruff
  • Improves hair texture
  • Makes hair healthier, silkier and shinier
  • Reduces hair fall and breakage
  • Nourishes from root to tip
  • Makes hair visibly softer and shinier
  • Keeps the scalp nourished and hair healthy

How to use

Apply the oil and massage the scalp gently and systematically for about 10 minutes every day so that the nourishment is worked into every inch of the scalp. Give the hair a thorough but gentle brushing to ensure it penetrates every strand.

Suitable for

All hair types

Solution for

  • Dry and damaged hair
  • Dull strands
  • Itchy scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Weak and thinning hair
  • Split ends.
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Additional Information

Expiry Date Best before 36 months

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