Who wouldn’t like to have thick, silky, shining hair?

Hair is the nicest thing that everybody can have. Anyone can easily have nice hair, provided is regular care, right nourishment and good health. We are providing here, some great tips to our clients, which can help them with getting lovely and healthy hair right away.

Does hair have a limited life?

Adult hair rehabilitates once in every four years, which is the reason behind the growth of new hair shafts on a healthy scalp. Healthy hair roots results in healthy and long hair for a lifetime.

What causes abnormal hair-loss?

Most of the people take their hair for granted. Combing and occasional washing of the hair is not enough, for making sure that hair remains tidy everyone should care about the problem of hair-fall. Hair-fall could be a result of ill-health or hormonal malfunction, more often than not, hair-loss is a result of negligence. Timely steps can check hair loss. In addition to healthy, regular food habits and plenty of rest, what’s needed is a daily hair-care routine.

How to keep hair soft and shining?

Hair has natural oil called sebum, but it usually doesn’t reach the end of long hair that results in dryness, brittle and split ends. Kesavardhini helps in preventing such problems. After a thorough massage with it, comb the hair properly, so that the oil flows down every inch or try brushing. It stimulates life at the roots and imparts a soft sheen to the hair. If the ends are still dry, rub some more Kesavardhini into them. Kesavardhini helps in conditioning of hair, bringing back its glow and softness.

Can you make hair longer?

The better health programme described above should encourage your hair to grow thicker and longer.
Here’s another tip-after massaging, hold a thick section of your hair and tug it gently. Relax and pull again. Move to other sections.

Down with dirty hair!

The other important aspect of hair care is regular shampooing. Once every week wash your hair with shikakai or a good shampoo. Kesavardhini itself offers you a fine powder shampoo. But be careful to wash out all the shampoo from your hair with plenty of water.

After your hair’s dry, massage a little Kesavardhini into your scalp, as shampooing tends to remove the natural oil form the hair.
Lavish care on your hair and you’ll be rewarded with real ‘crowning’ glory’. Now’s the time to start!

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