6 Tips For Hair Growth

6 Tips For Hair Growth

6 Tips For Hair Growth

                                                                           6 Tips For Hair Growth

6 Tips For Hair Growth

Is your hair lack luster and dull? Do you want to hasten hair growth and keep your hair voluminous, shiny and long? We’ve got some tips for you. A few tweaks to your hair care regimen and you’re sure to see a drastic change in the rate of hair growth and the texture of your hair. Read on for some tips and tricks to change your hair for the better.


One quick fix to improve hair growth and reduce hair loss to breakage and roughness is to switch out your cotton pillowcases for silk ones. The smooth and soft texture of the pillowcase ensures your hair does not get tangled easily and reduces breakage caused during the night.


The best way to keep hair growing at a fast pace is by sticking to natural hair care products. The chemicals, parabens, sulphates and more jam packed into a lot of hair care can strip your hair of necessary moisture and oils, leaving it bare and dry. Tackle this situation with Kesavardhini plus hair oil. It keeps hair soft, supple and is carefully made without any harmful chemicals which can destroy your hair.


This might seem contradictory to the goal of faster hair growth, however, regular visits to the parlour can ensure your hair remains healthy. Split ends at the tips can break down the shaft causing hair to fall or rupture. Prevent this by regularly trimming your tips and keeping the ends soft, and healthy. A few drops of Kesavardhini plus along the tips can also aid in the prevention of split ends.


Though we get most nutrients required for healthy hair from our regular balanced diet, add an extra boost to your hair care routine by incorporating vitamins which can provide additional biotin and other vitamins which can hasten long hair. This is an easy method to improve hair texture and overall shine and glow as well.


Are you planning to change up your hairstyle? Experiment with new cuts and styles but stay away from light colours. Avoid bleaching your hair, as this can cause intense damage and leave hair dry, brittle and rough. The damage can slow hair growth and leave your hair looking less than healthy. Instead go for darker hues which can add depth and volume to your hair. Whatever you choose, always deep condition with Kesavardhini plus to ensure the chemicals don’t fry your hair.


The best tip is this last one. Oil your hair regularly using Kesavardhini plus hair oil and feel the difference for yourself. Use it as a deep conditioning mask by applying it the night before a hair wash, as a shine enhancing serum, or to hydrate your strands. Oil is the one stop solution for promoting hair growth and ensuring healthy hair.

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