How To Choose The Best Hair Oil

How To Choose The Best Hair Oil



How To Choose The Best Hair Oil

Wisely choosing an oil that prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth, is a task worth devoting your attention to. The oil you choose must make your hair lustrous and should keep your scalp cool. The oil should also be rich in sulphur content, help in getting rid of split ends, make it easy to remove tangles and as an addendum, be non-sticky. Another main ingredient to be present in your hair oil is an anti-dandruff potion, since dandruff de-promotes hair growth. A hair oil should have moisturising qualities that nourishes the hair follicles.

Make sure your oil doesn’t have a high chemical content, as it should rather contain more of ayurvedic and herbal ingredients like amla, hibiscus, shikhakai, fenugreek, curry leaves and so on. These herbal and ayurvedic ingredients naturally nourish your hair, while chemical additives and treatment not only damage your hair, but may also cause adverse effects. Essential oils are a stimulant and help against hair loss by serving as accelerators for hair follicles.

The nutrients in the oil should help to promote hair growth and prevent the over production of DHT, a hormone that contributes to hair loss. Castor oil is another content which enormously motivates hair growth. Persistent and dedicated us of castor oil leads to your hair becoming strong and thick. Yet another power packed ingredient which your hair needs is Aloe Vera, which has more than 20 minerals and an abundance of vitamins. Another extremely versatile oil is Coconut oil, which can also solve many hair problems.

Many hair oil’s serve a variety of purposes such as a cleanser for your face and for over all skin health and so on. You hair oil for choice should be paraben free, gluten free and sulfate free and is gentle on the hair follicles.

Now that you know how to treat your hair better, you can make amends by choosing the right hair oil. 

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