Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Loss


Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair fall is a major problem now-a-days, around the world, right from children to adults. If proper measures are not taken, it will lead to thinning hair and baldness. In order to combat hairfall, your hair needs to get pampered and fed with ample nutrients and vitamins. One of the ways to combat hair fall is taking care of your diet, such as enriching your diet with proteins and an ample amount of greens and nuts, consuming iron-rich food to keep the blood circulation to hair in pace. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet and consuming plenty of water is one of the simplest steps you can take. Integrating a proper hair care routine into your daily schedule, while avoiding the use of other’s hair care tools such as combs and so on, is also crucial.

Before you wash your hair, massage the scalp with essential oils, and proceed to the washing stage only after the oil has penetrated deeply into the hair and scalp (about 20 minutes after application). This reduces the chance of breakage. Regularly washing your hair with a mild shampoo ensures that your scalp is always clean, and reduces the risk of dandruff and scalp infections. Avoid combing or rubbing your wet hair. Fighting Dandruff is as simple as applying lemon juice on the scalp.

There could be many causes for hair fall like diet, stress, medication, pollution, infection and genetics. Keeping yourself well hydrated is the first step, as when your body runs low on water, your hair is damaged. This damage can be anything from dryness and roughness to split ends, brittleness and breakage. Therefore drink at least 4-8 glasses of water a day.

Rubbing onion juice on the scalp and washing it after soaking it overnight promotes hair growth and curbs hair fall. Avoid frequent heating and blow-drying your hair. Heat weakens hair proteins and it can lead to fragility that causes hair loss. Regularly practicing yoga and meditation, helps distress you and balances your hormones as well.

Protecting your hair from pollution is also essential, but remember that your hair also needs to breathe. Do not cover your hair with a helmet/cloth all the time. When you are out and about, cover it up but when unnecessary, let it breathe.

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