Hair Care Secrets of Ancient Indians

Hair Care Secrets of Ancient Indians

Hair Care Secrets of Ancient Indians

Hair Care Secrets of Ancient Indians


Oiling is one of the best hair care secrets of ancient Indians for long, silky hair. Heat, pollution, chemicals, and sun rays damage the hair, making it dry. So it is necessary for us to give the moisturizing treatment deserved by our hair. Oil moisturizes and conditions the scalp and the hair roots. Also, oiling the hair revives the natural oil secretion and improves blood flow, hence stimulating the hair follicles for better hair growth.


Braiding and plaiting, the good old hair care routine of Indians, are proven to be healthy for hair growth. Apart from giving your hair a natural wavy texture, it keeps your hair detangled and thus prevents breakage and promotes hair growth.


Homemade shampoos from ‘Shikakai’ are chemical-free and are found to cleanse and protect the hair. Even store bought shampoos made from shikakai have numerous benefits, ranging from strengthening hair, and delaying grey hair, to detangling your hair and making it shine. Its antifungal properties provide nutrition to the scalp and help to cure dandruff, promoting hair


Henna along with hair oil is well-known to make your hair stronger, shinier as well as reduces hair fall. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties help to remove scalp problems, preventing dandruff.

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