A Glimpse into the Legacy

Kesavardhini is a name that has been passed down for generations as a resolution for hair problems. The brand has left a mark on every person who has used the products and the effectiveness has created a loyal customer base who wholeheartedly trust Kesavardhini to give them results. Since its inception in 1935, Kesavardhini has been the pioneer in hair care, and has produced oils of the purest form, made completely from naturally sourced ingredients.

The product that has long since stood out, has always been the Kesavardhini hair concentrate. This is a fine blend of natural ingredients, which come together to create an almost magic ‘potion’ which can be mixed in with an oil of choice; coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil; to give the perfect solution for solving hair problems, such as hair fall, thinning hair and so on.

The brand, has created a lasting impact on all its users worldwide, Kesavardhini is particularly sought after and purchased. This is a result of Kesavardhini’s guaranteed quality, and proven results, making it a name worthy of trust in the hair care industry. Kesavardhini has been around for decades, but has not gotten lost to the ages, due to the constant efforts taken to upgrade the technology that is being used to bring customers their favourite products and adding more hair care solutions to cater to more personalized needs. Care is also taken to ensure that all international standards of quality are followed, right from acquiring the raw materials up to the final packaging to produce a result which is pure and free from contamination of any sort.

The natural products are safe to use, and free of any side effects. This is the primary reason why Kesavardhini stands apart from any other brands of hair care. Generations of families have used Kesavardhini and continue to use the same, and the distinctive red colour of our concentrate is recognized as the concentrate which holds the secret to thick, healthy, shiny and strong hair. We price our products reasonably, and ensure on-time delivery, hygienic packaging and the nostalgia of tradition, all of which has our loyal customers coming back to purchase their favourite hair concentrate.

Kesavardhini now also has a premixed version of the hair concentrate, which is the age old formula but mixed with natural oil to enable direct application onto hair. No hassle. But for those who prefer to mix in the concentrate to an oil of their preference, the concentrate is still the star in hair care. Having retained the original packaging, the bottle is sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Kesavardhini has listened to its customers through the years and also has a range of natural oils, coconut, shikakai and so on for loyal customers to avail the same purity and quality and buy from Kesavardhini.

Time may have gone by, but Kesavardhini has retained its authenticity and upheld the values of the brand, providing quality hair care at the best prices, with assured results. Rooted in tradition and using only what nature has to offer, Kesavardhini products are the ones to rely on to keep hair safe, healthy and beautiful.

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